More Than Photo Ltd. is a London based company (Registered Company Number 10547030)


In More Than Photo, we believe that a photo tells something more than words can express, not only it captures that beautiful image of that moment, it also seize that special moment and allows you to cherish it again and again, right in front of your eyes. 

A good photo can timestamp a special event of you life, whether it be a graduation, wedding, engagement, family gathering, celebration of a new born baby, communion, etc. Our professional team are willing to go out of our ways in order to provide the best service that captures your happiness in the most realistic way. We recode the most important moments of your precious life events and present them back to you in the highest quality of our production and happiness you can share with others.

Initially, we started out as an agency, we got together a team of free-lancing professionals and started the wedding photography business in London. Our business grew bigger and bigger, thanks to the positive reviews of our clients, our services were able to extend to many parts of Europe, including Ireland, France and Prague. 

MTP was founded with the hope that our services would mean much more than delivering high quality photos. We have seen many different stories and created and captured many special moments. We have now our own studio in London, hoping one day we would be invited into the background of your story, and create the perfect photo design for you and your loved ones.